Marcus Robinson

The Rebuilding Continues, 2013

3 WTC Private

“I was sitting painting in a lavender field near Grignan, in France, where a friend of mine lives,” Irish multi- disciplinary artist Marcus Robinson recalled of the day he got a phone call inviting him to relocate to Lower Manhattan to ply his trades in studio space at 7 WTC, free-of-charge. “I packed up immediately.”

His time-lapse documentary Rebuilding the World Trade Center—filmed over a dozen years using 13 digital cameras strategically mounted across the site— has been praised for vividly capturing “the mathematical beauty of system, pattern and engineering that goes into the making of any large building.” Robinson has also documented the rebuilding effort through a collection of drawings, lithographic prints, and paintings.

Marcus Robinson, The Rebuilding Continues, 2013
Marcus Robinson portrait at work in studio