Kozo Nishino

Sky Memory, 2013

4 WTC Lobby Public

The 47-foot-tall glass lobby’s columns are 80 feet apart, so the view out onto the Memorial plaza is almost entirely unobstructed. “Upon arriving at the base of the tower, one begins to feel a sense of place, not just a piece of sculpture,” Maki says. “In this way, architecture is different from pure art.”
Twenty-two feet above the lobby’s marble floors floats sculptor Kozo Nishino’s Sky Memory, a 98-foot-diameter, 474-pound titanium-alloy arc representing “the collective memory of humanity.” Its seven sections are hinged together and cantilevered from the lobby’s polished Swedish black granite walls, and gently undulate in the updrafts generated by the lobby’s revolving doors.

Kozo Nishino, Sky Memory sketch, 2013
Kozo Nishino, Sky Memory, 2013